Book Review: The Girl of Ink and Stars

Title: The Girl of Ink and Stars

Author: Kiran Millwood Hargrave

Page numbers: 228 pages

Rating: 5 stars out of 5

The Girl of Ink and Stars is an amazing story, told with skill and creativity.

I read it one sitting, on the train ride home from work. It’s a gorgeous coming of age story, full of courage and cartography. The world Isabella lives in is beautifully imagined and colourfully brought to life. I was surprised that it was so short – so much happened, and the characters were so well written.

Isabella is a 13 year old who lives on what was once an island that floated around the world. Since the Governor arrived, the village has been cut off from the rest of the island, the ports have closed, and no one can leave. What used to be a magical world is now full of fear and drudgery. Isabella has a father who keeps the magic alive for her through story and through the maps he created when he was free to travel. The story itself starts when Isabella learns that one of her friends from school is missing after a trip to the forbidden orchids belonging to the Governor. What follows is an adventure told just like a fable. The writing is beautiful and lyrical, and everything a good fable should be. I adored every second of it.